MISSOULA - ABC FOX Montana is getting ready to launch our newest edition of 'Montana Murder Mysteries,' a podcast series that dives deep into unsolved killings here, in Montana.

The focus on Monday is 'The Missoula Mauler,' also known as Wayne Nathan Nance.

Some have said that he was a relatively good-looking man, who could turn on the charm.

To others, he was a hard-working furniture mover.

But no one knew that he had killed half a dozen people in Missoula and Ravalli counties in the 70's and 80's, at least.

Before the podcast drops, you can get a head-start on his background.

We've uploaded some pictures of Nance and his victims, as well as photos of the investigation that helped authorities piece together the jigsaw puzzle of murders that remained unsolved for years, that is, until Nance's demise.

And then get ready to download our podcast, 'The Gruesome World of Missoula Mauler Wayne Nance,' to hear the full story.

It will be available on Monday wherever you get your podcasts.

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