ABC launches “Big Sky,” a show about Montana Tuesday night

If you are flipping through the channels this week looking for something to watch, Tuesday night there’s a show that is putting Montana on center stage.

It's called “Big Sky,” which takes place in the treasure state, it’s a story of two detectives who join forces to search for two sisters who were kidnapped by a truck driver.

C.J. Box is an author from Wyoming and he wrote the book on which the show is based on.

“My daughter at the time was going to the University of Wyoming and she drove home for thanksgiving in her little car across I-80, [she was with] all the truckers and traffic” Box said, “when she got to our house, I went out and checked her car and her check engine light was on.”

Which led to the birth of the book series “The Highway,” Box teamed up with David E. Kelly for the TV series.

Box says that Kelly was the right choice for the show.

“I’ve read some of the early scripts, I’ve seen a rough draft of the pilot and there are of course some changes and differences you have to make,” Box said, “you can’t adapt every page by page of the book but he’s got the essence he’s done a great job retelling the story of the book.”

As for the essence Box says these TV series represent the state of Montana well and accurately, or does Hollywood get carried away?

“I had a few notes based on the early scripts that I thought maybe wouldn’t play well in Montana,” Box said, “I made those suggestions and they made those changes.”

Due to COVID-19 film crews had to film in Canada to get season one completed, Box says moving forward he hopes that things will be shot in Montana.

“They’re filming a lot of shows right now in Canada that they would be filming elsewhere,” Box said, “I know that originally the plan was to film in Montana, it was a last-minute change based on COVID restrictions that they decided to film it in Canada.”

Box said this has been a journey that’s taken years but he’s excited to see his work displayed on television, he said me it appears that the show is going chapter by chapter.

“I know that over the years people who have read the books tell me they’re a little more cautious than they used to be when it comes to traveling highway and people that they might encounter,” Box said.

If you join us from Butte, Bozeman, Helena, Great Falls, Missoula, or Kalispell, you’ll be able to watch it on our ABC affiliates on Tuesday night.

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