BUTTE -- The Butte School District is coming together to show their support for a student injured on a playground last month with fundraisers this week to help his family with medical expenses.

Chelsie Garrels calls the accident that injured her son a "mom's worst nightmare."

Garrels's son Morgan Lubbes or "T-Pot" as his friends, family and classmates affectionately call him is a rambunctious and athletic kid who loves to wrestle and ride dirt bikes.

However, that all changed on Jan. 23 after an accident on the playground at school. Garrels says T-Pot was brought to St. James Hospital with a head injury and he seemed fine at first with only a concussion.

The next day, Garrels says everything changed. "He crashed, he became completely unresponsive, completely non-verbal with his eyes rolling back into his head and convulsing," Garrels said.

Her son was Life Flighted to Montana Children’s Hospital in Kalispell, where he underwent brain surgery. Garrels says he suffered a stroke and brain stem damage but after a second surgery, she says things are looking up for T-pot.

"We were able to come off the ventilator on Monday...and he's doing well and starting to become more alert," Garrels said. She adds she appreciates the care her son has received from Children's Hospital.

The Butte School District is coming together to show T-Pot he is not alone during this fight by hosting a hat day and dollar day at the schools in the district. All the proceeds will go directly to T-Pot's medical expenses.

Butte School District Superintendent Judy Jonart says the Butte schools always support people in need. "The Butte School District is a member of this wonderful community and we all pitch in together to help one another, that's the unique part of being from Butte," Jonart said.

Garrels says T-Pot will remain in Kalispell for a few more weeks but she is happy to say he has started therapy to help with his recovery.

"T-pot is Butte tough, he needs lots of support, so keep sending good vibes and prayers and lets get him home soon," Garrels said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with medical expenses, for more information, click here.

Also, Garrels has set up a Facebook to update the community on T-Pot's progress and encourages the community to follow the page for updates.

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