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BOZEMAN - A Montana man was arrested after an allegedly drug-fueled driving spree in which he varied his speeds from 2 mph to 100 mph, forcing other drivers off the road.

A Gallatin County sheriff's deputy report says witnesses called to report that a drunken driver on Norris Road was erratically swinging into the oncoming lane, forcing other cars off the roadway, and had clipped one driver's mirror.

Witnesses said the drunken driver was going as slow as 2-3 mph and was speeding up to 100 mph.

A deputy pulled over the suspect vehicle and found the driver, identified as Michael Richard St. Pierre, slumped over in the driver's seat. The deputy says St. Pierre was shirtless and there was vomit on him and the inside of the car. 

St. Pierre blew 0.0 on a blood alcohol breath test, but had marijuana in the car and admitted to consuming prescription drugs, including Xanax and Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication. 

Officers say St. Pierre made threatening and profane statements as he was arrested. A tow truck operator found a loaded handgun in the car.

St. Pierre, 21, of Butte, was arrested after midnight on Monday, Sept. 16. Authorities took a blood sample that will be tested at a crime lab.

St. Pierre's charges include a first DUI, as well as resisting arrest, criminal endangerment, intimidation, and assault with a body fluid.

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