4 Florence athletes removed from activities after reported hazing

FLORENCE - Four Florence-Carlton High School students have been banned from extracurricular activities after reportedly assaulting freshmen in a hazing ritual.

The Florence-Carlton School Board held a closed meeting on Monday night to vote on whether the four students should be removed from activities.

This comes after one parent said that her son and several other students were targeted by the four students, who reportedly held them down on a bus ride and took turns smacking them with their genitals.

Florence-Carlton Superintendent Edward "Bud" Scully says an investigation is ongoing.

Scully says the district is also investigating another incident that may have happened involving Florence-Carlton High School students. 

"There's an investigation into an incident that possibly happened at the hotel also," Scully said. 

The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office is also conducting its own investigation into the matter.

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