Friends provide heartbreaking update on Flathead Valley girl's condition

Continued support is needed for a Flathead Valley girl, who was hit by a car last week.

Jordana Hubble, 6, was struck and gravely injured upon getting off an Olney School District bus on Highway 93 west of Whitefish last Tuesday.

An update on the Olney Fire and Rescue's Facebook page on Wednesday night says that Jordana remains in critical condition after suffering widespread brain damage and a collapsed lung, among other injuries.

It goes on to say, "Her neurologist described it as extreme Shaken Baby Syndrome. It’s technical name is Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI). It is on the severe end of the spectrum."

It states, "If Jordana wakes up, she will need long term care."

If you would like to #StandWithJordana, there are various ways you can help out the family:

Family and friends have set up an account at Whitefish Credit Union to help with that.

They've also organized a meal train to deliver scheduled meals to the family.

The Olney and Whitefish fire departments are helping out, too, by organizing 'Fill the Boot' fundraisers, where anyone can throw cash in the boot to donate toward the family.

And Universal Athletics is in the process of setting up a T-Shirt fundraiser on behalf of Jordana's school.

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