Local Business Spotlight: Leskovar Honda

A multi-generation Montana car dealership continues to move forward because of the Montana pioneering spirit, Leskovar Honda in Butte that is determined to keep their doors open.

Butte has Buttes back, that’s what the granddaughter and the Dealer Principal of the Leskovar Honda says.

Carly Leskovar says she’s going to fight for her great grandpa‘s business and to maintain her foothold in the Butte community.

“It’s not like anything I’ve seen and certainly not as my great grandfather saw or my grandfather saw,” Leskovar said, “Facetime mines shut down and they saw the population dwindle but never a pandemic situation where they couldn’t open the doors.” 

Not being able to open the doors got Leskovar wheels turning. She had to get creative to continue to sell the product.

“Now we’re actually in a situation where we have a transport truck,” Leskovar  said, “we have a transport trailer and we are delivering vehicles to customers in order to make it more comfortable for them so they don’t have to come into the dealership.”

They even now can get all of their paperwork done online, she says one thing she never imagined was not having enough cars to sell.

“So I’ve been trying to figure out how to allot the vehicles and how to purchase vehicles, we had a surplus of vehicles when the quarantine occurred and so  we weren’t thinking about buying any more vehicles,” Leskovar said, “We left things as is... but then it got to the point that we started selling out of cars and there weren’t any more cars to buy.”

Right now, they’re slowly starting to get inventory back normally a car would sit on the light for close to 90 days but right now just 30 days seems to be the timeframe for a brand new car to be waiting for its owner.

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