Local Businesses Spotlight: Simply AC Boutique

With everyone being forced to sit at home the multi-billion dollar self-care industry saw a spike in sales during the pandemic.

One Belgrade bath bomb boutique, Simply AC  Boutique, says due to COVID expansion is on the horizon.

Due to the influx of business owner, Amanda Countryman is looking to expand from her home office to brick-and-mortar real estate.


“Well we are in the process of renting space,” Countryman said, “Hopefully to be in by the holidays-- Fingers crossed, we’re ready to move out of here!”


Countryman quit her corporate job three years ago to follow her dreams of being a business owner, making all her products from home. When the pandemic hit she was nervous but she says her Instagram during COVID catapulted her to success.


“I mean I think it was one of the lucky ones that could continue working,” Countryman said, “And continue getting supplies, I didn’t see any delays or any  issues with anything my business ran as usual.”


She said she seeing sales in Montana but nationally as well which she can be traced back to traffic on her Instagram account and these are new sales just in the last five months nationally from places like Los Angeles and New York.


“Well I’ve already made my year,” Countryman said, “I’m up about 120% from last year.” 


Her goal is to open her first location by the holiday season in Bozeman and then tackle the rest of the state.

“You know once one location is open and hopefully it’s successful I hope to have more,” Countryman said.


Countryman just took one major step as a small business owner hiring three brand new employees.

She says COVID although horrible, helped her look at her business in a new way and take steps to adapt evolve and grow.

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