Local Businesses Stoplight: Wild Gourmet

In the Livingston area, Margie Nelson usually travels the country as a cook but she had to put business on hold due to COVID-19.

Right now the cook behind the Instagram Wild Gourmet is putting her utensils down and picking her camera up.

“I was trying to start a business,” Nelson said, “I didn’t quite know what to do, I started a website, I started an Instagram page.”

Normally Nelson would be traveling the world from Alaska to Texas cooking everything and anything she can get her hands.

What started as posting pictures of food she cooked online turned into an opportunity for her that she never saw coming

“Come coronavirus I’m getting a phone call from Susie Felton at Felton Angus Beef, can you take pictures of our meat and I go I just take pictures with my cell phone,” Nelson said.

With the majority of people wanting to stay at home Montana beef companies, were shipping her beef to cook.

Which gave Nelson the opportunity to cook beef, take pictures of it, and, teach people how to make it.

“I think people were bored sitting at home,” Nelson said, “They were looking at stuff or thought what’s going on out there, and saw me and started looking at it- and started asking questions.”

Nelson thinks Instagram catapulted her into a new realm of the cooking industry. Which is helping her use her skills to teach people how to cook but also providing her with a new stream of revenue.

“It’s really come full circle for me and I really appreciate,” Nelson said, “It’s really unfortunate that it was during COVID but I don’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing right now if people hadn’t had to sit down and look at other resources.”

Right now Nelson is working on a collection of recipes. She says that the traveling cooking element of her business is slowly starting to pick back up.

If you’d like to see more of her food you can follow this link.

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