MDT introducing new snowplows

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Department of Transportation is looking to hire hundreds of snowplow driver positions across the state by recruiting early and looking for part-time temporary drivers.

The statewide workers shortage is also being felt by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) as they begin hiring snowplow crews for the upcoming winter season.

MDT Equipment Bureau Chief Walt Kerttula said they are responsible for snow plowing 25,000 miles of roadway across Montana and during a snowstorm they don’t just make one pass through.

Right now, MDT has around 560 permanent snowplow drivers and are looking to fill 40 of those with more than 125 on-call temporary drivers this winter.

The consequences for you at home is if they don’t fill them some roads that aren't a high priority or highly trafficked road might not be cleared this winter by the time you wake up.

Priority routes include Interstate 90 and other state highways through towns under MDT jurisdictions but other routes might not see a plow at all if they don’t get them filled.

"They’re the first responders when a winter storm hits Montana highways so their work is critical to keep commerce, goods and services moving across the state and they’re there to help people in Montana go about their work, their business and their recreation activities," Kerttula said.

MDT is looking to hire people with one year of highway maintenance or construction experience and one year of truck driving experience, but said they can hire people with no experience and train them to operate their snowplows and get their commercial drivers license.

More information about MDT snowplow driver positions can be found here.

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