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Live PD (A&E)

MISSOULA - TV crews will be riding along with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office for A&E's fall season of "Live PD," which begins on Sept. 20.

The sheriff's office says "Live PD" will send film crews along with at least two deputies on patrol on Friday and Saturday nights. Arrests and incidents will be shown live on air for two-hour episodes on Friday and Saturday nights.

The sheriff's office says it considers the show an "amazing opportunity for us to showcase some of the great work being done by our deputies to protect and serve our community."

Nationwide, "Live PD" has drawn controversy and criticism. Some cities have ended agreements with "Live PD," citing concerns about their communities being portrayed in a harsh light. In May 2018, the Spokane City Council tightened restrictions on reality TV cop shows, with council members saying they wanted to make sure producers were getting consent from the people being featured on the show.

The popular podcast Headlong: Running From Cops also raises questions about how the show handles subject's privacy, with interviews with people who say they never gave consent to be featured on the show.

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