Montana has one of the most expensive Senate races across the country

Montana sits number five on the list of most expensive senate races across the country.

Over $143 million has been spent in the treasure state.

So let’s take a closer look at those numbers specifically when it comes to advertising—so that would be things like commercials.

Advertising supporting Gov. Steve Bullock a democrat-- the dollar amount comes up to--- $29 million.

When it comes to advertising supporting Senator Steve Daines a republican-- the dollar amount comes up to-- $19 million.

Now back in 2018 numbers from that election show that about $70 million was spent in the State of Montana between Senator Jon Tester and hischallenger Matt Rosendale.

But numbers spent on advertising shows a stark contrast to what we are seeing today, Tester’s campaign spent $20 million while Rosendale spent just $5 million. 

At the top of the list is North Carolina, right now $242 million has been spent-- in total about $40 million have been spent on TV ads.

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