Montana Murder Mysteries: The gruesome world of Missoula Mauler Wayne Nance

Marcella or Marci Bachmann, also known as Robin, in a photo with Wayne Nance in the summer of 1984, courtesy: The Missoula Co. Sheriff's Office.

MISSOULA - The Missoula Mauler. Montana's baby-faced killer. A serial sex murderer. These names all refer to one man-- Wayne Nathan Nance.

Wayne Nance is suspected of killing six people in Missoula and Ravalli counties between 1974 and 1986.

To his neighbors, though, Nance was a hard-working furniture mover from Missoula.

No one knew he had killed half a dozen people, at least.

"He, like many serial killers, was very charming, though, when he turned on the charm," says Detective Marta Timmons with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office. "He was handsome. He wasn't bad to look at."

Nance was never tried for a single murder, because before he could be caught, he died at the hands of two of his victims.

In ABC FOX Montana's newest edition of our podcast series, 'Montana Murder Mysteries,' Angela Marshall and Blake Simonson focus the attention not on cold cases, but on this suspected serial killer and his assumed victims.

And the details are gut-wrenching, but investigated to be true.

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And if you would like to know more about a victim of Nance's, who authorities are still trying to name after all these years, be sure to download and listen to, 'Only Unidentified Victim of Missoula's Serial Killer Wayne Nance.' If you know something, it could lead to the identity of the female known as 'Christy Crystal Creek.'

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