BUTTE- Whether you're driving up or walking up, Bonanza Freeze has a little bit of everything.From burgers to milkshakes, smiley fries to ice cream and even cotton candy, customers know exactly what they're getting every time they order.

"Consistency, we try and have the same products and we use local people for as much of that as we can," said owner Tom Russell.

For Russell, that consistency has been passed down in this business for decades. Bonanza has been a consistent fixture on South Montana Street since 1947.

Russell started working at Bonanza as a young boy after his parents purchased Bonanza in the 1960s.

"They had it for 19 years, and I worked since I was like 9, I cleaned the lot and that kind of stuff," he said.

The Russell family maintained that work ethic and ownership and that's why Tom's dad Jack sold it to him decades ago.

Russell was just 20 years old when he purchased Bonanza and his parents took a leap of faith selling it to him.

Jack passed away a few months ago, but his legacy still lives on at Bonanza, from treating employees like family to Wednesday's cone specials.

Russell says he is honored to carry on in the way his dad would have. He said, "I just think it’s the way he treated people, honestly I just think that’s really the heart and soul of this business."

That mentality is why employees stick around. Some have worked for Bonanza for four decades and others who are just a couple years into the job want to stay too.

Employee Mari-Jayne Grogan said, "My boss, he is very awesome to all of us, and he is just so giving, and it makes us all want to stay here."

Bonanza likes to stay consistent with their old-school mentality but they're also finding balance with the modern day. The restaurant has active social media accounts and online ordering - but whether it's online or offline, Russell says they always try and keep their loyal customers in mind.

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