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From Spooks and Spirits: "Apparition coming out of the wall at the Myra Brothel."

BUTTE-Butte, America is the most historic city in Montana and with its vast history, some people say it’s also one of the most haunted cities too.

One man is bringing that history to life with his Spooks and Spirits Haunted Trolley Tours.

It's hosted by Butte High History Teacher, Chris Fisk.

“Butte history is alive and sometimes it will knock back at you,” Fisk says. He's dedicated to the Mining City's history through his work as a teacher and his gift for storytelling.

“People have been doing it for I think hundreds of years, storytelling," Fisk says. "It's just a nice way to relate more of the color of Butte's incredible history."

As many of his students know, Fisk is a big fan of the paranormal. Three years ago Fisk teamed up with the Butte Chamber of Commerce to give the tours during Halloween time. Fisk says he takes roughly 50 people on the tours each night.

The tours are a big hit with the Butte community.

“He just makes it entertaining, we've been trying to get into this ghost tour for a couple of years now and we finally got in,” said a group of tour-goers.

The group added they were ready to get scared while learning about Butte’s history.

Fisk started the west side tour with the legends of the old St. James Hospital and the spirits he says still haunt the building to this day. He told the story of a woman taking a picture in front of the building.

“It’s what appears directly in the window to the right of her that has taken on legendary status for the hauntings of the old St. James Hospital,” Fisk said.

Fisk says he also has done some paranormal investigating with students and played an eerie recording for the group that he captured at the Silver Bow Center in Uptown. A voice he believes to be of a spirit and many of the tour-goers were convinced.

However, one of the most infamous hauntings in Butte is that of the Dumas Brothel, which is the longest running brothel in the United States. The Dumas closed its doors for good in 1982.

Fisk says the Dumas is still haunted by the madams to this day. “The night they were supposed to run off together, according to urban legend he didn't show and, in her sorrow, and sadness she committed suicide with booze and pills,” Fisk says.

Fisk even allowed the tour-goers to go into the haunted brothel to experience it for themselves. Many of the tour-goers agreed they felt an eerie presence in the building.

At the end of the tour, many tour-goers agreed Fisk had made them believers in the paranormal. He’s made Butte’s history... come to life.

“If you come on this tour if we do our job right the next time you hear something go bump in the night well maybe it wasn't your imagination,”  Fisk said.

Fisk says tours will be announced next September and tickets will go on sale at the end of September but to hurry because the tours sell out fast.

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