Parents launch “Adopt a Senior,” program to support graduating students at Manhattan High School

MANHATTAN - With graduation still up in the air for many schools across the Treasure State, members of the community are taking it upon themselves to make the high school seniors feel special.

It all started as a way to give some compensation for those experiences lost, members of the community are adopting a high school senior from the 2020 class in Manhattan. 

“I feel bad for the students that they don’t get to participate in their senior prom, they don’t get to participate in their senior ditch day, they don’t get to participate in their senior class trip,” Joedee Peck one of the organizers of Adopt a Senior said, “I think we as a community can come together and show them some love.”

What started as a Facebook group to show love has turned into almost all of the seniors being adopted and gifted every week.

“We really genuinely see what they’re going through and we want to try to help,” Peck said, “and prove that as a community, not just their families, not just their friends, but people who have watched them grow up from afar.”

The senior class they have taken notice of that support and they say even though things have been different they feel loved. 

“It’s been a really cool feeling having all the community rally around us and shows us the support, especially after having kind of a devastating senior year,” one senior in a large group said, “having everyone rally around us to show that they really care about us and love us as much as they do it’s been a really cool feeling.” 

The group of Manhattan seniors wants to pass on some advice to their fellow classmates.

“Don’t say oh I hate school and don't show up,” one senior said, “because the moment [you lose it] and you don’t have it anymore you’re going to realize you still want to be there.”

For Peck who is working to provide smiles to all these kids, she wants to give them a little bit of advice.

“There’s so much more life ahead, and when you reach your middle 20s and your early 30s you’re going to look back on this you were the class when- and it’s going to make you special it’s going to make you different,” Peck said, “It’s going to make you stand out and people are always going to wonder what you did during the time of coronavirus and you’re going to be able to say I graduated and it’s going to make you that much more special.” 

If you would like to take part in adopting a high school senior, there are still 10 students that need to be adopted.

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