Restaurants in Livingston close doors due to rising caseload

LIVINGSTON- In Livingston, the number of cases of COVID-19 is slowly rising. One small business evolved at the start of the pandemic but now is closing doors due to risk and has a message for all who come here.

For the last several weeks in downtown Livingston, restaurant owners have described their business as just one big game of Russian roulette.

They don’t know which week is going to be the bullet to their business. 

“In the beginning when we shut down it was more of feeding our community and reinventing the restaurant in a very fundamental way,” Brian Menges owner of Gil's Goods. 

Originally they took the operation outside to a trailer and had an outdoor restaurant. In the beginning, things were great but now things are different.

“Over the last month or so somebody turned on summer and the tourist came,” Menges said.

This normally would be a great boost for shops in downtown Livingston but right now the caseload is rising and restaurants are closing their doors due to the influx of people.

Which is hard on business.

“From small-town Montana, we want to say we love you guys but let’s wait until next summer,” Menges said.

Right now Gills have closed its doors out of an abundance of safety making a difficult time even more difficult for downtown Livingston businesses.

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