The new basic and the old basic your kids need before heading to school

Shopping for the kids back to school this year is going to look a little different.

There is the new basic and the old basic -- pens, pencils and notebooks fall under old. Masks and hand sanitizer fall under new basic.

A couple of the new items you might not be thinking about -- mask insurance.

So think of this is kind of like the band that you wear around your sunglasses to keep them from falling off your face. Something like a stylish lanyard would work to help make sure your kids don’t lose their masks.

Do a device check, it’s looking like kids are going to either need laptops or some sort of device that hooks up to the internet. Some schools are lending them for free.

Some teachers may call for your kids to have headphones. There are the extremely expensive pairs or- there are the $9 pairs that should also do the trick.

A planner or whiteboard will also help keep everyone on track.

With hybrid learning going into effect the more visual we can be with kids the easier it will be for them to stay on track.

This year is going to be different -- so checking your internet situation out early and device situation out before the first day of school will help get things off to a good start

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