Treeline Coffee in Bozeman offering free coffee and food to first responders

BOZEMAN- Right now as crews battle the Bridger Foothills Fire the community of Bozeman is stepping up to take care of first responders.

Deejay Newell, one of the owners of Treeline Coffee says right now she wants to be Bozeman Strong.

“We are doing this because Bozeman is a community. We support each other in times of needs, and this is a very easy something we can do to support,” Newell said, “Seeing how the community has come together to support the first responders and citizens affected by this fire has reminded us as to why we live here!”

Any first responder working on the fire can stop by either cafe and coffee is on them.

If you are on the line and would like brewed coffee to be delivered, they say to reach out via phone and they will coordinate.

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