University of Montana gets "Esports" teams starting this fall

MISSOULA-   With school back in session, fall sports have resumed as well, but the University of Montana has a new sports league making its way onto campus this fall.

This sport however, doesn't include lacing up your cleats or throwing on your running shoes.

The University of Montana will soon have an "Esports" league, where once students are recruited to be on the team, student athletes will compete in online gaming.

"Ones that have nutrition, ones that do software development and design so that we kind of bring those resources together and show that this is more than just playing a game, this is actually going and enriching these students lives so when they leave this university they can take that into the real world and say this is something I did here at the University of Montana,” Michael Cassens, an assistant professor at UM, said.

The University of Montana’s esports team will participate in five games, League of Legends, Fortnight, Apex of Legend, Overwatch, and Rocket League, where the public can watch live gaming from the competitive arena being built.

Until that new arena is built, the games will be held in the University Center's theater, with the first tournament taking place next month.

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