Which mask is better for COVID a cloth mask or an N95 mask

Right now, with smoke in the air from wildfires burning in Oregon, California and Washington, doctors are saying the masks we use to fight COVID-19 could help fight the smoke.

We have been getting a lot of messages on Facebook about this, which is better, N95 masks, or the small cloth masks that we all have been collecting since COVID-19 started.

Wildfire smoke can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and inhaling wildfire smoke can be especially harmful.

So will a face mask protect me from wildfire smoke?

The answer--- respirator masks worn * correctly * may provide some protection.

So if you are looking for a mask to fight wildfire smoke, the N95 respirators are the cheapest and most available mask to help protect your lungs. 

N95 masks that are most helpful to protect your lungs from wildfire smoke as they have two straps and must go above and below the ears.

Normally, most hardware stores like Ace and Home Depot do carry them.

However, the Centers for Disease Control advises it may be harder to get your hands on an N95 mask as frontline healthcare workers wear them amid the pandemic.

Experts say breathing in the wildfire smoke is equivalent to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes.

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