Belgrade businesses Tow Haul not only watching Montana but the globe

BELGRADE- Businesses across the state are having to learn new ways to stay open and remain successful all while battling a pandemic. 

For a mining equipment company, they’re thought process wasn’t about getting smaller it was about maintaining a big presence worldwide. 


Tow Haul a company in Belgrade that brings in close to $21 million a year to the community is looking beyond the big sky.

They produce the largest trailers in the world that haul mining equipment in the world, They’re not just watching what’s going on right here but around the world


“So you know at Tow Haul we are a global company and we ship our trailer is all over the world,” Kim Wild the CEO of Tow Haul said, “We’re watching Brazil closely because we have a trailer going down there next month and we need to be able to install that trail and get it operating in the mines.”


Tow Haul is responsible for mining equipment in 45 different countries and they almost always have to send an engineer with the equipment for assembly.

But when they can’t be on location right now, they do what most other businesses have done and are using technology to their benefit – offering virtual installations. 


“We do what we do we keep going and we don’t stop, when you’re going through a difficult time they say don’t stop,” Wild said, “you have to take it day by day and you get very  innovated and  creative and you find your way .”


Finding their way meant not doing something else,  several other businesses did do, they opted out of the PPP loan.


“I looked at that very closely and in the end, I decided not to apply for the PPP loan and I just decided those funds should go to another small business that needed it more than we did,” Wild said.


And for now Wild hopes she made the right decision.


“We may see a slowdown in orders often times things affect tow-haul well after the fact,” Wild said.


In the meantime, they continue building and moving forward.  

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