BOZEMAN, Mont. - Belgrade residents have until Tuesday at 8 p.m. to vote and turn in their library and community center bond ballots. 

The current Belgrade Community Library is struggling to keep up with the cities growth. 

Belgrade Community Library Director Gale Bacon said, "Our collection could be twice this size but because of limitations that we have as well as programming it limits us from I think giving the services that I think as a community this should receive."  

The new library project would be located at the old fire station next to Lewis and Clark Park and will be large enough to meet Belgrade resident's needs.  

The library space will include a dedicated children’s space and a large outdoor playground, a teen-specific library space and study area, added computers and improved technology, classes for all ages, and a cafe. 

It will also include meeting and events spaces with over 200 seats, which would be the largest seating capacity in Belgrade.

Once the new library is constructed, the old library location will become the new headquarters for the Belgrade Police Department.

Repurposing the old library building for the police will save the taxpayers an estimated $5 million, an amount that would otherwise have to come through new or increased taxes.

The Belgrade Library Foundation has already raised about $2.2 million of the $16 million needed for the project. 

Right now, people in Belgrade are encouraged to mail in or drop off their ballots at the Belgrade City Hall by 8:00 p.m. Tuesday. 

More information on the Belgrade Community Library bond can be found here.

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