Big Sky hotel getting creative to bring Montanans to support small business

BIG SKY- The Wilson Hotel in the Big Sky village is heavily dependent on tourism and travel from outsiders. 

The hotel-like so many businesses was hit hard when the virus ended ski season early. 

Right now, The Wilson Hotel views itself as an anchor in the community, a hub which supplies small business in the area an avenue to continue moving forward. 

As the summer season moves forward normally tourism numbers will be significantly higher but it is starting to increase. 

This year, The Wilson Hotel is hoping Montanans will come and play in their backyard. 

“The team has been very positive the morale has still kept up  which is great and for us,” Mandy Hotovy the General Manager of The Wilson Hotel said, “right now it’s transitioning from the very quiet times of course now into more or less our peak season.”

To stay stronger together the hotel is launching packages to bring Montanans to Big Sky to explore an area people may never seen before. 

“Overall, it’s been an experience- but it’s been a great experience with our team because of course it just brings us all together,” Hotovy said.

They’ve also come up with many packages to give you an experience that you may never had time to do.

Packages range between packages with local tour discounts, fly fishing classes, food and beverage gift cards for Big Sky restaurants, and a dog package.

All being done to support local businesses in Big Sky and to help small businesses recuperate after losing funds over the winter.

When you sign up for one of these packages with the hotel will give you gift cards to purchase gear or even food with, and for all you dog lovers- if you’re doing the dog package they donate on your behalf to the Livingston Animal Shelter.

To learn more about the packages and opportunity to support local business and you can follow this link.

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