Bozeman Business Boom: Downtown Livingston business, Dan Bailey's gets new life, gives boost to downtown

LIVINGSTON- Dan Baileys is a historic fishing shop founded in the 1930s is getting new life in Livingston all to protect history and connect the community. 

Dale Sexton has called Livingston home his whole life.  Sexton owned the store Timber Trials but recently acquired Dan Baileys, a store he has a deep history with. 

“There was a fishing heritage that started that I can’t describe,” Sexton said, “Dan died in 1982 and I started working for John in 1983.”

After weeks of working to restore the fishing shop and combine the two businesses, Sexton is looking to give a space that he loves back to the community.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to come here, and the amount of knowledge that existed within these walls was amazing,” Sexton said, “the guides that would come in here on a daily basis- I was always just in awe and I was just absorbing everything I possibly could.”

Sexton says that Park Street is an economic beehive for the City of Livingston and by restoring  Dan Baileys and creating some partnerships with the restaurants and bars along the street they’re knocking down walls and putting indoors to connect all of the business to create a stronger economic corridor for the City of Livingston. 

“This corner of Park Street is starting to become more of a hub for uptown Livingston,” Kris King with Livingston Business Improvement District said. 

King says this is going to be one-stop shopping where tourists can spend a night, meet fishing guides, and shop for gear helping tourism and locals. 

“It’s very exciting to have uptown Livingston just get that much more robust,” King said, “It's going to be a real hub and driver for locals regional visitors and tourists alike.” 

But for Sexton, it’s a chance to preserve the memories of a place he grew up and worked for.

“The way it all just kind of came together it almost felt like it just was meant to be,” Sexton said, “We’d run into a hurdle that was like okay, this isn’t going to happen it’s almost insurmountable and then somehow-someway that hurdle will break down and ultimately we ended up acquiring the business.”

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