Bozeman Business Boom: How small businesses are surviving the coronavirus

BOZEMAN- Normally with spring break upon us, businesses like The Candy Jar would be slammed.

But  a sign on their doors says it all - limited store hours due to the coronavirus and that’s leaving the owner Kimberlee Greenough very concerned for her business. 

“It’s been a stressful week for sure an instant shut down on your business is scary,” Greenough said. 

These two weeks these are supposed to be her busiest two weeks of the year, spring break. It has a huge impact on her business financially and now without it the stress is setting in.

“Especially as being a new business we still have a lot of financial obligations that we still are committed to,” Greenough said. 

Right now there’s a big push to support local business for delivery or take out, for things like breakfast lunch and dinner, Greenough supports the push but feels left out at the same time. 

“Yeah I believe our situation is a little bit unique,” Greenough said, “because we are not one of your three main meals we are an extra, we’re candy, and we’re ice cream, and we’re soda.”

So in an effort to help all local businesses Bozeman Mayor Chris Mehl reached out via social media posing a challenge.

Post a photo with your take out and use the hastage #BEBOZEMAN all with the hope it will shed light on all sorts of different local food businesses across the area. 

“Small businesses are really rallying to support the community,” Mehl said “It’s fantastic to see it and I think in return we need to support them, get out support your local businesses, Be Bozeman help them out.” 

Greenough hopes the mayors challenge helps her business and others in the same position. Even though times are rough shes still trying to be positive in an asset to the community. 

She wants to donate her candy to nurses working on the front lines fighting this illness. 

“Hopefully we’re going to get a list and it’s going to be ok that we can deliver some happy smiles some of those people putting in those hours,” Greenough said. 

Greenough is donating candy for free but once the community heard about this individuals wanted to sponsor them, she is now accepting a $10 donation. 

Candy will still be donated for free regardless of the amount of donations received. You can donate by following this link. 

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