Bozeman Business Boom: Montana's Craft beer industry

BOZEMAN- Most Saint Patrick’s day celebrations have beer on the menu and Montana's craft beer industry is pouring money into the state's economy.

SHINE Beer Sanctuary + Bottle Shop is a craft brew bar in Bozeman that’s contributing not only to jobs being made in Bozeman but across Montana.

“SHINE opened about five months ago,” Travis Collins on of the owners said, “we were The Garage [before] which was known for its soups and burgers.”

SHINE replaced The Garage at the end of Maine Street and is now booming all because of an industry that’s only about 10-years-old.

“So Bozeman really drove us as a partnership in a new direction,” Collins said, “We saw an opportunity to explore this new niche.”

Sales of Montana craft brews have increased 111% and with new people calling Bozeman home every single day, SHINE is putting the craft brew industry on center stage.

“With the right license we could bring alcohol not only craft beer in multiples but we could also do a retail component,” Collins said.

Beer production in the treasure state has increased by 87% since 2010, that’s 13% every single year. With beer production up that means more jobs for people right here in Bozeman for every 11,000 pints sold that’s one brand new job.

“People who were really into bud light are now drinking firestone walker’s sours,” Collins said.

Which is helping to create more than 1000 additional permanent year-round jobs in Montana making SHINE a Montana job creator based in Bozeman.

“We represent right now 15 different local breweries in the county and then throughout the state.” Collins said, “I think we’ve had over 30 different breweries.”

Which is helping to create more than $33 million in additional income for Montana households.

“I don’t think 10 years ago we could’ve pulled this off because not only we couldn’t of got 75% of the beer we have,” Collins said, “I think the focus on craft beer wasn’t there you see even just the breweries that were starting 10 years ago there were very few of them.”

Collins also believes the City of Bozeman and population boom also is contributing to the success of his business.

“As special as Bozeman is I don’t think you could pull this off in any other place,” Collins said, “we have the tourists we have the locals we have the school we have the students we’re really lucky to be where we're at.”

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