Bozeman Business Boom: New vinyl shop giving new life and sound to the Bozeman music scene

BOZEMAN- National trends are bringing new local sound to Bozeman. 

The Wax Museum, a record shop in the cannery district, is bringing vinyl records back, they are flying off the shelves. 

"This space became open to me thanks to my old friend Noelle,” Kels Koch the owner of The Wax Museum said, “she and I were both on the local music scene here back in the ’80s."

Koch, the Montana State University Bobcat alumni found his way back to Bozeman after working in record stores all over the county.

“I’m trying to carry music that’s otherwise not available in Bozeman,” Koch said, “I’m trying to expand on the music that’s available in town.”  

With everyone having a portable music device in their hand and headphones not far from reach you might be surprised to learn that streaming services don’t have the corner on the market and that digital download sales have fallen.

“If you’re really tapped in if you have the musical DNA to be a discerning music fan you’re going to get curious,” Koch said, “you’re going to want to hear artists in more depth than just the one or two hits.”

For the first time since 1986, vinyl is poised to outsell CDs and The Wax Museum in Bozeman is looking forward to contributing to that number.

“If you really want to get into an artist headspace you’ve got a listen to a full album,” Koch said.

A report by Forbes shows that rock albums actually lead all vinyl sales, making up 42% of what was actually sold.

That places The Wax Museum in Bozeman that carries mostly rock in a good position.

“The rent in this little nook of town is great,” Koch said, “so if I only have half a dozen people come in a day that’s because so far about 95% of the people that have come in have bought something.”

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