Bozeman Business Boom: Where the sidewalk ends and how the City of Belgrade hopes to connect them

BOZEMAN- The City of Belgrade features one of the largest airports in the state of Montana.

But the city is hoping to attract more tourists downtown with its revitalization plan.

“I guess in a way it’s been a dream of mine to own a cafe so here I am dream come true,” Kyle Quantrille the owner of Cafe Havana said.

Quantrille, likes the location and has comfortable, but is hopeful for more customers.

“I think our business would be booming with some foot traffic down here, it’s on the up and up for sure you can feel it,” Quantrille said.

With close to 5000 people a day traveling through Belgrade, the city is making strategic upgrades to bring more traffic downtown.

“Being in Belgrade and having the Bozeman airport in Belgrade, you feel it,” Quantrille said, “Everybody thinks— they’re coming into Bozeman and they’re really in Belgrade.”

The City of Belgrade hopes that in combination with the growing population and investment in public and private infrastructure like new sidewalks it will bring people into downtown and new business to relocate to the central business district.

“So I think what this plan will do will make Main Street a little more eye-pleasing,” Kristi Gee the CEO of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce said, “And make people proud to be a part of Belgrade, right now it’s a little drab and doesn’t have a lot of character.”

Elements of the plan include adding greenery and trees, new lighting fixtures, and an updated gutter system for all of the businesses along with connecting the sidewalks.

“Sidewalks that actually meet up with each other,” Gee said. “Right now we’ve got a lot of sidewalks that run and they just end and there’s no continuity.”

The whole goal for small businesses like Café Havana is that those sidewalks will connect the small neighborhoods to Main Street bringing more people to shop.

“I think in Belgrade if we had the option to keep the locals in town would be great,” Quantrille said, “I think a lot of people are going into Bozeman to get things that we do have here that we just need to make people aware of.”

To read the whole plan you can follow this link.

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