Bozeman Business Boom: with shops starting to reopen, is the community spending again?

BOZEMAN- Camp Creek Coffee Bar in Manhattan, MT was one of the first businesses to close their doors in the Manhattan area.

Owner Ravyn Dighan, was a week's old business owner when shutdowns were put into effect and she was worried her business might not make it, but because of the community, her business is moving forward. 

She is open again and says the community support has been reenergizing for her and her business. 

“We needed to restore hope we were closed for five [or] six weeks,” Dighan said, “but we need to restore hope for not only our family but the community as a whole.”

She was selling coffee and lunch items and she was terrified for the future.

“We had to adapt, we could not do warm foods anymore,” Dighan said, “but it’s coming in the summer anyway so we just changed what we’re offering and the community has been really receptive.” 

To stay stronger together she started selling cold treats and purchasing ice cream from local ice cream makers in the Bozeman area.

“Our growth in the last week has been tremendous,” Dighan said.

With Gallatin Valley businesses projected to take a 50% profit hit she got creative and took her operation from inside and moved it onto the sidewalk to keep the coffee flowing and the lights on.

“We are on the hunt for more tables,” Dighan said, “to put on our sidewalk, [we] will keep them out at a six feet [for] distance [to] social distancing, but for people to just be able to come and sit and relax.” 

Dighan's goal is to provide normalcy well following the safety regulations so that members of the community can get a break from being home.

“Just giving people that sense of, I can go get my cup of coffee and if I want to sit and enjoy my coffee I can do it in the sun and that has been huge for this community,” Dighan said.

When the outbreak first started Dighan was uncertain but now she knows her community, right here in Gallatin Valley will have her back regardless of the storm.

“We have a lot of hope for the summer and the future, for the shop in general,” Dighan said, “One of the biggest things people said when we opened up for semi-normal hours was, we missed you we’re so glad that you’re here.”

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