Bozeman Children's Theatre moves off stage and onto Zoom

BOZEMAN- Students entering grades 1st-6th have been taking part in what jokingly is being called a “ForZoom.”

They moved forward with the Frozen Kids Camp, rehearing with 13 actors from 9 a.m. to noon for 9 days and recording each actor performing individually to edit together to present as a film.

Bozeman Children's Theatre is run by four Hawthorne Elementary School teachers: Patrick Higgins, Sallie Arnold, Kendell Bachman, and Christy Koschnick who all adjusted their summer theatre camp so that the show could go on.

The Bozeman Children's Theatre will be doing another online camp in the same format, Jungle Book Camp which will run from July 20th-July 30th. 

Both camps will culminate with a live/drive-in style viewing of shows, followed by a performance from El Wencho that will be Livestreamed on Facebook. 

To learn more or donate you can follow this link.

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