BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Elementary Schools suspend hot lunch programs due to staffing shortages and widespread food supply chain issues. 

On Monday, students at Hyalite, Meadowlark, Morning Star, and Longfellow schools will be served sack lunches only. 

Bozeman School District Business Operations Executive Director Mike Waterman said, "We are certainly making things meet but if you got a recipe that requires five ingredients and you get four of them all of the sudden you can't do the recipe so you go to make a different plan. We are adapting to that.”  

Around 50% of Bozeman Public School students eat the free school lunches. 

The sack lunch program is healthy and nutritious despite the district's current shortages. 

"There will be an entrée, there will be fruit, vegetables and those types of things, there will be milk they will still have everything the kids need." Waterman said. 

On Sept. 20, Irving, Hawthorne, Whittier, and Emily Dickinson Elementary Schools will also suspend their hot lunch service. 

During this time, Bozeman Middle Schools and High Schools are still offering their hot lunch options. 

The Bozeman School District is currently hiring for foodservice and multiple other positions. 

More information and job postings can be found here.

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