Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman Health system board of directors said during a meeting they support the development of an innovative 12-bed inpatient psychiatric unit at Deaconess Hospital aimed at providing behavioral health care for adults.

As stated in a release, the new unit "will provide comprehensive inpatient treatment in a compassionate, de-stigmatizing and calming setting. With a modern design, and focus on comfort, it will house inpatient psychiatric services close to home for adults in need and provide care across all economic circumstances. Care team members will design and embrace multi-dimensional restorative therapeutic experiences and seamlessly coordinate with outpatient and crisis services in the care continuum."

The opening of the patient care tower and multiple other additions and updates allows Bozeman Health to renovate the first floor Madison Wing for the 12 inpatient psychiatric beds. An estimated $7 million in capital investment will be needed for the beds.

In creating space for the unit, 21 medical care beds, including beds vital to COVID-19 response, will be displaced. However, with the current demand for care, Bozeman Health says work on the unit must be coupled with an investment to restore the 21 displaced beds.

"In repurposing these existing medical care beds for inpatient psychiatric care, we must concurrently build out and recruit staffing to maintain sufficient medical beds to continue to deliver comprehensive, high-quality care to meet regional demand," Bozeman Health said.

Work on design and permitting for the unit will begin immediately, with renovation and staff recruitment anticipated to begin in early 2022. Bozeman Health hopes to open the new space in mid-2023.

“Over the past four years, Bozeman Health has engaged in a journey with our community partners to understand regional behavioral health services gaps and evolving needs that we’ve seen increase during the pandemic,” John Hill, Bozeman Health president and CEO, said. “As we continue that journey, Bozeman Health is committed to keeping care close to home and will add inpatient psychiatric care to the regional behavioral health care continuum.”

“The board greatly appreciated the thorough and thoughtful work of the Behavioral Health Governance Sub-Committee and Clinical Steering Committee,” Katie Daughenbaugh, Bozeman Health system board chair, said. “Their work was informed by and reflects the findings produced through collaborative community work that Bozeman Health has led and partnered in over the past four years. We look forward to continuing to engage in supporting the full physical and behavioral health care continuum as fiduciaries of an essential regional resource.”

Bozeman Health says they "recognize the importance of providing this timely update specific to inpatient care now and look forward to sharing additional announcements in the coming months. Yesterday’s board action provided substantial guidance impacting the entire behavioral health care continuum, and as we have been doing for 110 years, Bozeman Health remains committed to meet the needs of Southwest Montana for years to come."

"As Bozeman Health continues its work to advance locally available behavioral health care, we appreciate our strong collaborations with community and regional partners as they are essential for creating a sustainable continuum, responsive to the needs of patients and their families," Bozeman Health said.

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