BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Health plans to build an affordable workforce housing development for their employees. 

Due to Gallatin Counties' expensive housing market, many Bozeman Health employees can't afford to buy or rent in the area. 

The development will be the first workforce housing project the hospital has built. 

Bozeman Health has partnered with ERES Capital to build the housing project in Belgrade next to the Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport. 

Bozeman Health said they have been investing a large amount of money into the project and patients will not see any financial impacts on their health bills. 

Bozeman Health, Chief People Officer, Edie Willey said, "Community members are concerned that the dollar is hitting the medical bills and the cost of medicine and that is something I can ensure you that does not happen as a non-profit we have the obligation to reinvest any extra money this year back into the organization and back into our employees."

Bozeman health is also exploring short-term solutions and trying to find additional housing in the meantime for their employees who are struggling to find a place of live.

Construction for the new housing units are set to begin this spring and the project is will be completed by 2023. 

Also, similar to many other businesses in Gallatin County, Bozeman Health is hiring for 500 open job positions. 

Bozeman Health has even raised their minimum wage to $17 an hour to keep up with the local competition. 

More information about joining the Bozeman Health team can be found here. 

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