Bozeman Library to open new Labyrinth to be used as place of peace and for privacy

BOZEMAN- A new labyrinth outside the Bozeman Public Library officially opens on Thursday.

It’s located just off the trail between the Library and Peet’s Hill parking lot. The library says its walls are designed with of Montana sandstone and creeping thyme.

It's a labyrinth, not a maze, because it offers a clear path to the center, according to the library.

The goal was to create a peaceful and private space for walkers while offering views of Lindley Park and the Bridger Range.

From the library site:

"The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that appears in a variety of cultures, dating as far back as 2,500 B.C. It combines the imagery of a circle and a spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It is not a maze. The labyrinth looks like a maze, but only has one path that leads to the center. Labyrinths are used worldwide to quiet the mind, meditate, self-reflect, reduce stress, and to discover innovation and celebration."

The Bozeman Public Library Labyrinth was built in memory of library donor David Kingman's late wife, Rocel.

The dedication ceremony is set for June 27 from 11-11:30 AM.

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