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BOZEMAN - A Bozeman man is accused of killing his girlfriend's cat and trying to kick his girlfriend out of their trailer on Saturday.

Charging documents say after Allen George Bostic, 36, returned home from back surgery at the hospital, he allegedly started drinking alcohol and taking pain medication.

According to documents, Bostic's girlfriend's cat peed on his bed. Documents say Bostic, who was upset by the cat peeing on his bed, took the cat outside and allegedly cut its throat using a knife. Bostic also sliced his hand while killing the cat, according to documents, leaving ample amounts of blood on his arm and outside the trailer.

Documents say Bostic got into a verbal dispute with his on-and-off-again girlfriend after he told her he killed her cat. Bostic told her she needed to leave; however, Bostic decided to pack up and leave instead. Documents say Bostic ran over the cat he killed as he was leaving.  

Bostic allegedly returned home about a half hour later and his girlfriend was on the couch with a can of bear spray and scared for her safety, according to documents. Documents say Bostic came in shouting expletive language at his girlfriend. When he began to charge at her, she sprayed the bear spray at him out of self-defense but missed, according to documents. Then, Bostic took his girlfriend and shoved her on the bed with his hand over her face, according to documents.

Documents say Bostic took the knife and said he was going to kill more cats outside. His girlfriend followed to keep cats away from Bostic, but fell on ice bruising her knee and elbow. Documents say her eyes were watery, red and swollen.

A Gallatin County Sheriff's deputy arrived, they said they could see the dead cat with its eyes bulging out and throat cut open, blood and a can of bear spray on the ground outside. Inside the trailer, they saw orange liquid on the ceiling of what appeared to be bear spray and a bloody towel in the kitchen sink, according to documents. Photos of the cut on Bostic's hand appeared to resemble a knife cut. The deputy says their observations matched with what the victim told them. 

Documents say Bostic told the deputy he returned home from surgery, was upset the cat peed in the trailer and killed the cat with a knife. He said he asked his girlfriend to leave, alleges she punched his face twice and kicked his face, according to documents. Documents say he said he shoved her after she sprayed bear spray at him.

The girlfriend alleges in the charging documents, Bostic has previously harmed her in separate incidents. 

Bostic was arrested and faces partner family member assault and cruelty to animals charges. 

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