Bozeman needs cars moved to move snow

BOZEMAN- The city of Bozeman is asking for your help.

Due to the amount of cars out in residential areas, city plows were unable to complete snow removal over the course of the weekend. 

The city is asking that residents park in their driveway or move to a parking lot during neighborhood plowing.

You can find out when your neighborhood will be plowed on the streets crew Facebook page and the Next Door app. 

Leaving your car out makes things hard for the city and could cause problems for your neighbors.

“The best way to make an inconvenience for your neighbors is leave your car out there, because we’re going to carry the snow as far past as we can, but we got to move the snow someplace, so it’s going to go in front of your neighbors and maybe in their driveway,” says John Van Delinder, Street Superintendent.

The city's goal is to move as much snow as it can on days when it's not snowing. They say it's only more difficult if snow is allowed to pile up.

You can get a full streets report here.

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