BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Public Library has plans to remodel and add more services to its 16-year-old building this summer. 

Every day the library welcomes over 1,000 people and with more people moving into the area the library needs to grow to keep up with demand. 

Bozeman Public Library Foundation Executive Director, Janay Johnson said, "People who have lived in Bozeman a long time do think of this as the new library but the population of Bozeman has doubled since we opened the library in 2006 and that has created some pinch points for us in terms of service particularly as it pertains to meeting rooms and the other thing is that the way that people use libraries is constantly evolving."

A major piece of the planned renovations is two instruction rooms on the first floor, one will be a technology lab and another room will be a kitchen space for cooking classes as well as other hands-on activities. 

The new renovations will also include a technology lab with 3-D printers, more computers, a recording studio, more meeting rooms, and quiet study spaces for everyone to learn. 

"The entire project is exciting we have this incredibly beautiful building but it is going to get a little bit of a facelift the service that I am more excited about will be our ability to teach a whole new variety of classes and those two teaching labs on the first floor. I think those are going to be exciting and it's going to bring opportunities that Bozeman hasn't seen before," Bozeman Public Library Director Susan Gregory said. 

As of Wednesday, the library has raised $5.3 million from the community donations and none of the money was used from tax dollars. 

Last week, during Bozeman's Give Big event over 190 people donated to the foundation to help the library raise more than $60,000 to go for the renovations. 

The library still needs to raise $300,000 more dollars to meet its goals. 

A link to donate can be found here. 

Gregory said the work will be done in two phases and construction for the renovations is set to start late this summer. 

More information about the project can be found here.

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