Bozeman’s Midtown Urban Renewal Project helping coffee shop startup

Austin Dayton stands outside of his coffee shop on North 7th Avenue painted with a mountain mural by a Bozeman artist to match the Bridger Mountains in the background.

BOZEMAN, Mont. – A project to revive the Midtown District of Bozeman is also giving hope and a fresh start to Nexus Drive Up Coffee.

“I mean there’s new apartment buildings going in, there’s new breweries going in, there’s a lot of already really great existing businesses here, and right across the street from me there’s going to be a little food truck court,” Austin Dayton, owner of Nexus Drive Up Coffee said. “I think that midtown is going to offer a lot of opportunity to get away from downtown.”

The unique name of “Nexus” is a favorite word of Dayton’s meaning the central and most important point or place which is what he believes the midtown district will become.

Nexus Drive Up Coffee actually opened up after most of the roadwork on North 7th Avenue had been buttoned up for the winter but will be restarted and finished this spring.

The drive-up business model of the small coffee shop really hasn’t been affected by the roadwork of the Midtown Urban Renewal Project, but Dayton believes once it’s done, it will be the “nexus” of Bozeman.

To get his small shop to stand out he called in local Bozeman artist Madison Perrins to paint his coffee shop which matched with the Bridger Mountains in the background.

More information on the Midtown Urban Renewal Project can be found here.

More information on Nexus Drive Up Coffee can be found here.

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