Bozeman starts new cannabis business regulations for recreational marijuana

The Bighorn Buds cannabis dispensary in Bozeman.

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The Bozeman City Commission have began the process of revising and implementing new city marijuana ordinances as Montana prepares for recreational sales of marijuana in 2022.

At the Oct. 19 regular meeting, the city commission discussed two action items intended to align Bozeman city ordinances and make them compliant under state laws that have changed in preparation of the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Ordinance 2084, a provisional adoption generally revising laws and regulations related to marijuana and the Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act was discussed and passed 3-2 with an amendment.

The city will draw a 500 feet boundary from the property line of a school or place of worship to keep cannabis businesses away from those protected areas. According to state law, this includes public, private and secondary education places like Montana State University.

The commission unanimously approved Resolution 5348 of establishing an annual licensing fee for marijuana businesses operating within the city of Bozeman of $750 starting Jan. 1.

The commission did acknowledge that the fee could be increased or decreased in the future as it is one of the most expensive city fees for businesses and commissioners amended to review it in two years.

For perspective, a standard Bozeman business license is $50 dollars, but for medical marijuana and mobile vending licenses those are decided on a sliding scale anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on inspection costs.

The Bozeman City Commission will meet again on Nov. 9 to discuss more about a city ordinance restricting marijuana businesses on Main Street in downtown Bozeman and a current cap of 20 cannabis businesses allowed in the city.

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