BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Ellen Theatre is set to reopen after 18 months Wednesday, but it would not be possible without the community's support.

Since the theatre was closed due to COVID-19, community partners like First Security Bank which also owns part of the building froze the theatre's mortgage. 

As well as others stepping up to put off the theater's debt. 

During the shutdown, the Ellen Theatre never planned to close their doors indefinitely but staff needed to think outside the box to reopen. 

A local artist ended up painting a portrait of the theatre and started selling canvases, paints, mugs, and t-shirts to give Ellen a financial boost to reopen. 

In addition, the Ellen was able to remodel the 1919 year old theatre at reduced rates. 

Some of the new renovations included fixing the plaster, a fresh coat of paint on the original dressing rooms and other areas, as well as a new ventilation system. 

The Ellen officially opens their doors Sept. 29 for the showing of the musical, In The Heights. 

A full list of upcoming events and shows at the Ellen Theatre can be found here. 

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