BELGRADE, Mont. - The Central Valley Fire District is seeking the renewal of a 10-mill levy from voters.

The levy was first approved seven years ago but is going to expire soon.

This year is the first year city residents are eligible to fill out a ballot voting on the mill levy.

The levy represents 17% of the district’s tax revenues.

Central Valley Fire Chief Ron Lindroth said the renewal of the levy would generate approximately $689,500 per year, which will be used to pay the salaries of career firefighters.

"It goes toward career firefighters that allow us to continue to the level of services that we have are we have career firefighters both in this stations as well as a station over on Springhill Road by Riverside Country Club and in Four Corners so that allows us to get there to your emergency quickly weather that is a fire and medical that requires ambulance transport or a rescue to any other of emergencies situations we run across," Lindroth said.

The Central Valley Fire District serves more than 40,000 residents and covers a 200 square-mile area extending from the Bridger Mountains, the Gallatin River, and Pass Creek Road on the north of Four Corners on the south.

The 10-mill levy ballots are due at courthouse by 5:00 p.m. on May 4.

Questions about the levy can be answered by Fire Chief Ron Lindroth at (406) 388-4480.

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