City of Bozeman meeting to vote on a declaration of emergency

UPDATED- 10:46: Mayor Chris Mehl moved to vote, the motion was moved and seconded, the Bozeman City Commission voted unanimously to move forward with a declaration of emergency.

"Many, many commissions over decades if not over generations have thought about what if something happens like a flood or a wildland fire comes into the city," Mayor Chris Mehl Of Bozeman said, "So this is a unique situation but in some ways it’s a similar response we get together with our friends in the county, the Health Department, and the Sheriffs Department, the Police Department, Fire and we work together."

The declaration of emergency works as a way to formally bring these members of leadership together and helps to life spending restrictions. 

"We set up a system we’re not going to do things jointly because we are stronger together rather than apart so this formalizes is that," Mehl said. 

BOZEMAN- The City of Bozeman leaders are having an emergency meeting to layout plans for the coming weeks as two new cases were confirmed in Gallatin County.

The city is voted on a declaration of emergency which will allow for more staffing and funding in an effort to flatten the curve. 

Fire Chief Josh Waldo is on hand to speak on the operation of incident command.

Explaining first responders can not ask for federal funding until the city approves a declaration of emergency.

Waldo said many times this is a changing situation and is different every day. Waldo saying that if they have questions to call into the Coronavirus Cases County Hotline. 

Commissioner Terry Cunningham, said right now is the time to "cowboy up," and help others. That means working for home and volunteering when possible.

Earlier in the day, Gallatin County filed a declaration which allows activation of local emergency plans and authorization and the furnishing of aid for assistance. 

According to the county, The City of Belgrade and the Town of West Yellowstone each signed their own emergency declarations earlier this week, and the City of Three Forks intends to do so later this week.

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