Limestone West timber auction

Photo credit: DNRC

BOZEMAN - A group in Bozeman is fighting a proposal by the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to develop the Gallatin Front for timber sale.

The Limestone West plan would auction parcels of land in a 2,700 acre portion of the Limestone/Nichols Creek area south of Bozeman.

The DNRC says the timber is worth at least $375,000.

The group, Save Our Gallatin Front, says the plan threatens the wildlife environment and the recreational value of the area, calling it "Bozeman's last wild connection to Yellowstone." The group is represented by nonprofit environmental law organization EarthJustice.

The DNRC says that many of the area's trees have experienced infestations and health problems and would benefit from selective harvesting.

Save Our Gallatin Front hopes to delay the March 5 auction by requesting an injunction in Gallatin County. The DNRC has offered the group the chance to buy the land for conservation purposes for the next 25 years, but the group says the deal isn't a fair offer.

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 AM in Bozeman's Law and Justice Center.

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