Freeway Entrance

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Regardless of the outcome from the big Brawl of the Wild game Montana highway patrol expects to see many cars on the road over the next two to three days. 

This includes traffic coming out of town from some who started leaving towards the end of the game andtraffic in town for those who decided to stay into the weekend. 

Interstate 90 still looks to be the hub that will see the most traffic where everyone will be driving regardless of whether they're heading back to Missoula, Billings, or Great Falls.   

As of right now, we don't anticipate any big storms just really cold temperatures as we head into the night. 

Even with the game over, officials do expect heavy traffic so you’re asked to please plan accordingly. 

MHP is encouraging everyone planning to head out of Bozeman to try starting in the daylight hours tomorrow morning if possible, and as always drive safely.  

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