Flooding in Sun River receding, clean up underway

SUN RIVER- Flood waters in Sun River, MT are now receding as people in town look towards the next step: cleaning up and assessing any damage.

For folks in Sun River, one concern they brought up to us is water contamination so we talked with county officials who say there isn't any water contamination at this time but it doesn't hurt to take precaution.

Officials say if you're concerned your water is contaminated, you can pick up a sample container from the Cascade County Health Department. Then you can drop it off at the Great Falls Water Treatment Plant.

In the meantime, the county tells us they know how difficult this waiting process is and to hang tight because help is coming.

"I mean it was a flash flood. It was quick, it kind caught us all by surprise. because the rain event local was nothing like the rain event in the backcountry," said Scott Van Dyken with DES, Cascade County.

County officials say it's better if you wait to test your water until levels recede.

For more information on post-flooding recovery, the county says to head to the Cascade County Health Department's website and the Cascade County Sheriff's Facebook Page.

The rain has stopped, waters are starting to recede in Central Montana, and we're now looking to what's next for those recovering from flooding.

As water levels are receding in flooded areas across the Treasure State, the strenuous cleanup process is now underway. We're taking you to Sun River: where folks are starting to pick up the pieces after flood waters rushed through their town earlier this week.

For folks in Sun River, Montana they say this cleanup process started yesterday, May 29th and it's going to take all summer. Living along the Sun River, dealing with flooding is the norm for them which is why they say they'll take their time to recover and if it takes all summer- so be it- they just want to enjoy some nice weather.

People say cleaning up in Sun River is an individual and community effort. They tell us sometimes they feel Cascade County often forgets about their town. But we reached out to the county who says, they are working around the clock to help Sun River out, but can't really step in until these water levels recede and damage can be assessed.

"Our work started immediately when this started kicking off. We had a big meeting with all of our community partners. Both inside the city, the state, and the federal government. We instantly got sand headed out there through Public Works, and sandbags provided to the community,” said Van Dyken.

Officials say they stage sand out in different locations each year depending on the needs of a city. This year, they staged sand out in Sun River. The county says they're currently working with the Red Cross on a cleanup plan for this town.

That plan will entail- bringing in dumpsters, clean up kits (gloves & instructions on dealing with possible contamination), porta-potties, and water test kits.

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