Gallatin County 2021 preliminary budget outlines a chance to save the rest home

BOZEMAN- The Gallatin County commissioners have released their preliminary budget which is expected to be heard on Tuesday at the County Commissioners meeting.

One item that’s in that document is the rest home, the rest home was in a pretty difficult financial situation this time last year.

But due to the passing of a mill levy the commissioners were able to fully fund the rest home.

Commissioner Joe Skinner says due to the reallocation of funds the rest home will be safe and secure for the next several years

The main concern with this budget was handling the expenses of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We set aside about a half a million dollars for COVID relief, we figure there’s going to be some expenses some things that come up, that were going to have to help fix,” Skinner said, “but we don’t know so we set that money aside, we just thought it would be responsible to set some money aside to take care of that we don’t know how many of our expenses are going to be reimbursed in the cares act so we thought it would be responsible to set some money aside to just be careful.”

The budget also allows for 1.8 million dollars to fund the Sheriff’s Department, the detention center, 911, and the coroner’s office.

The commissioners say they understand that times are rough right now for small business so their goal was to keep the budget as small as possible.

On the procedure side, the budget allows for a one dollar raise for all elected officials so that officials can get longevity.

The commissioners say they worked very hard on this budget as to not increase taxes.

This is a preliminary budget that will be heard for the first time Tuesday and will be re-examined over the next four weeks.

You can read the budget here.

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