Gallatin County Commissioners meet to discuss plans for Law and Justice Center

BOZEMAN- The Gallatin County Commissioners had a meeting with local members of the law enforcement community to figure out what was most pressing and how the county could move forward with the Law and Justice Center 

In November an initiative was put on the ballot by the county to build a new Law and Justice Center and it was shot down by the voters.

Right now, the commissioners are looking at a new initiative that would handle the more pressing elements of the building.

They are looking at either a partial remodel or a partial addition to handle the court's needs. The country most is in need of new court facilities for the district court and the justice court.

“We’re going to go back and take a good look at that building and see what the capabilities in the capacity of those buildings are how much we have to remodel and if we have to remodel and just what we need to do to keep that place functioning,” Don Seifert Gallatin County Commissioner Chair said.  

The commissioners say that down the road they will revisit the police needs and fixes to the building that they need but for now, the courtrooms need to be addressed.  

A need for a fourth courtroom is presenting its self to support the growing country. Currently, there are only three district court courtrooms and no space for an additional judge. 

The country believes it will be getting an additional judge within the next few years 

The original law and justice center was built as a catholic high school in 1961 and retrofitted into law enforcement and court facility in the 1970s.

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