BOZEMAN, Mont. - General election ballots were mailed out to registered voters in Gallatin and Missoula County on Wednesday. 

The Missoula County Elections Office said they mailed out approximately 73,506 ballots and Gallatin County said they sent out over 75,000 ballots to voters. 

All voters should receive their ballot this week. If not, they should contact the Elections Office. 

Once residents receive their ballots, they must return them correctly and on time. 

Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator, Eric Semerad said, "Open up the ballot, read the instructions, vote the ballot and the ballots needs to be put in secrecy envelope sealed and then secrecy envelope goes inside the affirmation envelope which is the one that has the signature line on it and they must sign that signature line for us to count the ballot." 

Residents in Gallatin and Missoula who still need to register to vote or make changes to their registration can do so until noon Monday, Nov. 1, at the Election Office. 

All ballots are due by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. 

Gallatin County residents voted ballots may be returned either by mail or in person at the places of deposit listed here.

Missoula County officials said voters must return their ballots to the Elections Center by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

A voter in Missoula can also drop off their ballots at the Elections Center at 140 N. Russell St. in Missoula leading up to the election as well.

More information about Gallatin County general election ballots can be found here. 

More information about Missoula County general election ballots can be found here. 

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