Cottonwood Road construction

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Getting back into the school routine is never easy after a long summer. But for some Bozeman parents, it’s been far more difficult this year, thanks to major construction on the city’s west side.

Construction is taking over much of Cottonwood Road in west Bozeman, with most of the road closed down from Babcock to Durston.

Further south, construction is expected to start back at up in the next few weeks at the Stuckey-Cottonwood roundabout.

Cottonwood Road between Babcock and Durston had some of the most severe potholes in Bozeman this spring, and the new construction will re-pave the road from scratch.

But the work has made it difficult for some parents to get into the surrounding schools, like Petra Academy, Meadowlark, and Heritage Christian.

City officials say the construction on that section of Cottonwood will wrap up for the winter once snow starts falling, and work will resume and finish in the spring.

About two miles south of that area, the Stuckey-Cottonwood roundabout is cleaned up after last summer's construction, but the Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) has plans to add a final coat of striping soon.

"We installed the roundabout to alleviate the four-way stop that was there previously," MDOT Engineering Project Manager Paul Cogley explained. "We had a cluster of accidents there, and unfortunately a couple of fatalities."

The disruption to traffic will be minimal compared to the construction further north on Cottonwood, but Cogley says the Stuckey-Cottonwood roundabout work will finish up in the next three weeks.

In the meantime, a resource for knowing road conditions in Bozeman is Bozeman Street Report, which has information on road closures.

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